The Hessische Kulturstiftung awards subsidies for exhibitions and catalogues and provides public collections with support for purchases. Subsidies can be granted in the form of tripartite funding or to cover a shortage of funds.

Applications are to be addressed to the Hessische Kulturstiftung board of directors.

The application is to be submitted along with a detailed description as well as illustrative and/or documentation material. In the case of applications requesting support for the acquisition of cultural assets, art objects and collections, the applicant is required to confirm that the ownership status has been clarified. The acquisition proposal is to be accompanied by two appraisals of the special significance of the purchase, drawn up by recognized experts. The importance of the aspired purchase with regard to the museum concept is to be clearly reflected by the application. The Hessische Kulturstiftung reserves the right to obtain its own experts’ opinions. The latter regulation pertains especially to confirming the value of the aspired purchase.

In the case of both a desired purchase or aspired project funding, a detailed, binding cost and financing plan is the prerequisite for the processing of the application.

The Hessische Kulturstiftung generally contributes funding in the amount of up to one third of the acquisition or project costs.

Exhibition projects are usually sponsored by the provision of funds for an accompanying catalogue. The subsidy may not exceed one third of the total project costs.

In the case of a purchase, the sales price should be fixed. In the case of a purchase at an auction, the limit may not be exceeded.

In the event that the limit is exceeded at an auction, the additional costs are borne by the applicant; the Kulturstiftung subsidy will not be increased. If the purchase is made below the limit, the applicant commits him/herself to reimbursing the Kulturstiftung in the amount not required.

In the event of a purchase, the applicant commits him/herself to
a) taking possession of the acquired object and cataloguing it without delay
b) making the acquired object accessible and publishing it in an appropriate manner.

Depending on the individual case, the Kulturstiftung may inform the applicant of further conditions at the time of its acceptance of the application.

Applications should be submitted as early as possible before the realization of the work.
No funding will be granted retroactively.

The current application guidelines are available for downloading:
guidelines as pdf (german)